Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will Smith.

From Will Smith's funky fashion to the hilarious antics on Friends, we relive the '90s.

The modern world has made entertainment bigger and more accessible. This is why watching TV is no good if you can’t access live TV on DStv Now. We can now rent movies from the comfort of our couch on BoxOffice, watch episodes of our favourite shows even past their airing dates on Catch Up, record two shows at the same time and watch live coverage of sports in HD on SuperSport. All courtesy of the DStv Explora. But you can always go back to the 90s with DStv which showcases some of the coolest entertainment to remind us all of how life was back in the day:

1. Fashion Forward

The '90s fashion style was connected to 90s music, this is why clothes in music videos have remained iconic. Any time you are devoid of the creative direction your video should take, just watch 90s videos for some fashion inspiration. Or sample some of Will Smith's looks from the 90s as you watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Sartuday at 16:10 on Comedy Central. You can also keep it Fashion TV (DStv channel 178) to see the '90s fashion making a comeback on the runways and on street fashion.



2. Music

The '90s had some of the best jams that we still listen to, to date. Songs like Brandy-Monica’s The Boy is Mine, Michael Jackson’s Black or White and She Drives Me Wild, Janet Jackson’s That’s the Way Love Goes were all released in the '90s. Dance to some of the best '90s music in Throwback on Thursdays at 20:05 on MTV Base.

3. Dance moves

Some of the coolest dance crazes were invented in the '90s - the Jiggy (popularized by Will Smith), Macarena, the electric slide, the funky Charleston, among others. These moves have made their way back into modern music videos, like in Bruno MarsUptown Funk. Catch this funky beat and more on the Playlist on Thursdays at 23:30 on TRACE Urban.


4. Hilarious TV

The 90s gave us timeless classics like Friends, a moment you can always relive weekdays at 17:20 on Comedy Central. Another '90s sitcoms to catch up with is Sister Sister which airs on Thursdays at 19:10 on Sony. Have you seen Big Sean’s just released Play No Games, which is a recreation of the hit '90s sitcom Martin? Don’t miss it on Best of Spanking New on Saturday at 16:00 on MTV Base.


From fashion, music and comedy – we still have much to cherish from the gone days. If you miss the '90s and want some of that good TV, Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff will definitely be a great mix, without forgetting the wise Uncle Phil. Catch them on Fresh Price of Bel Air on Saturday, 4 July at 16:10 on Comedy Central.