Guests at he M-Net movie night- Pre screeming of Ant Man

M-Net held an exclusive prescreening of Ant Man, which stars Paul Rudd as the new Marvel superhero.

Paul Rudd is our new superhero.

We love that he is the new funny man superhero Ant Man and so did everyone else who attended M-Net's exclusive prescreening of the movie.

M-Net likes to give its beloved customers a treat and, because we are known for exclusive premium entertainment, we served up food, drinks and, of course, a fantastic Marvel movie to boot. 

The latest superhero on the scene, Ant Man, is definitely one to watch as Rudd brings a new perspective to what a superhero can be. Check out some photos from the event.




The evening brought with it a few surprises for our guests as some of them walked away with gift hampers.


Guests also had a chance to check out the DStv Explora and sample features like DStv Catch Up, pause and rewind and the best feature for movie lovers, BoxOffice. 

You don’t have to feel left out. Look out for the next M-Net movie night on the website and you could be our next date. In case you would rather stay in for a movie, fill out the form below and get yourself the DStv Explora and rent any one of our 20 titles on BoxOffice. For little chills down your spine, I recommend the BoxOffice Fright night collection

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