DStv BoxOffice

Share the movie experience with other people by adding them to your BoxOffice account.

With titles like Fast and Furious 7 and Get Hard, BoxOffice is definitely the place to rent the hottest new movies and watch them while sprawled at your favourite spot on the couch.


But what if you are not at home and someone is dying to rent a movie? No worries, you can always make it easier for them by adding them to your BoxOffice account.

Using the secondary number you want to add to your account, sms the decoder’s Smartcard number to 37269.

The good thing is that you can add up to three other users to your account so that all the four of you can rent and watch movies without any obstacles. You can choose who to add; be it your best friend, roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else who has access to your DStv Explora.

How convenient is that? Even when you feel the need to rent a movie but are a little short on your account, the other person you added can still rent it for the both of you. This way, for only Kshs. 250, the BoxOffice experience never has to stop.

Share the BoxOffice movie experience. Add a secondary user today and keep the movie renting going.