Image consultant Robert Burale

You all know him as one of the hosts of Citizen's (273) Fashion Watch but Robert Burale says that he's much more than an Image Consultant as he's been stereotyped. For one, did you also know that he's an actor who's appeared on AfricaMagic channels in the past? "I've had people calling to tell me that they are watching my movie on AfricaMagic."

For a man who's biggest asset is his mouth (his words, not mine), it's really admirable how he manages to keep his cool with the heat levelled against him and his Fashion Watch co-hosts on social media. Then again, not to be conceited on his behalf, but he is a gentleman.

A gentleman who watches a lot of movies. With his schedule, you'd think he'd be too busy for a movie or two but no. Burale, like the rest of us who know nothing about pairing orange blazers and patterned socks, is a movie aficionado who doesn't mind talking about his kind of movies: