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Experience unrivaled entertainment with Premium.

Watching TV should be about clinging to the edge of your sofa when suspense builds up. Or inviting the boys over for a football weekend in between drinks. Or calling up your friends to offer unsolicited spoilers for shows you binge watch till 3 am. This is the ultimate entertainment experience or as we like to call it, the DStv Premium experience.

But let’s stop with all the generalisation and jump straight to the specifics. We give you FIVE reasons why you should get or upgrade to Premium:

1. Limitless TV and audio channels

What number of TV channels can you flip through in a day? 10, 50, 70? Have you tried 130 and beyond? If you are on Premium, all the channels you can possibly imagine are just a click away, from award-winning series to blockbuster movies to insightful documentaries to kids shows to sports, your choices are limitless. Premium also offers over 70 audio channels, plus 40 DMX channels boasting a wide range of music - hip hop, rock, jazz, classics.

2. Irresistible shows

Premium is home to exhilirating shows. Those that are packed with tension like The Following on M-Net Edge, those that dish out drama mixed with family feuds like Empire on Fox. And then there are those that build on intense plotlines like How to Get Away with Murder on Vuzu Amp or those that offer hilarious comedy like The Big Bang Theory on Comedy Central. Please note that these shows are exclusive to Premium. 

3. Thrilling live sporting action

There’s a reason SuperSport is called the World of Champions. It is where you can watch all the world's amazing sports on live coverage. And in HD. There’s more, while Compact and Compact Plus only offer 5 and 7 SuperSport channels respectively, Premium takes the game a notch higher by bringing you FOURTEEN SuperSport channels! Let’s take a breather and just take this in. Yes, it means you can move back and forth to football, boxing, athletics, motorcross, basketball and much more. Even better, you don’t have to flip through to get there, just tune to SuperSport1 and enjoy the game.



4. BoxOffice

Life would be simpler if houses were designed with movie theatres. Scratch that, DStv Premium brings the movie theatre to your home with BoxOffice. Showcasing some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, BoxOffice gives you the freedom to decide what movie you want to watch, when to watch it and who gets to share the experience with you. And it is cheap, rent movies for just Sh 230.


5. DStv Now

What other package allows you to watch all your favourite programmes even after their airing dates have passed? That’s right, DStv Now - available to Premium subscribers - is stocked with a variety of entertaining titles, from movies to series to sports that you can watch at your own convenience. Are you caught up in traffic? Don’t worry, you’ve got DStv Now. Are you fighting over the remote control? Let your kids watch Disney Channel, you’ve got DStv Now? Is your date taking longer than you expected? Stay cool, you’ve got DStv Now.



Need we say more about DStv Premium? Oh, and did we mention that it’s got all the FOUR French add-ons. Bonjour everybody! One last thing, DStv Premium bouquet has High Definition channels for clearer picture and gratifying entertainment. Now you know why you should move to DStv Premium.