Relationship lessons – 5 international shows that are all about love

Relationship lessons – 5 international shows that are all about love

News 12 November 2021

Relationship lessons – 5 international shows that are all about love

Relationship lessons – 5 international shows that are all about love

Love is one of the most powerful emotions. From friendships and crushes to the love you have for family and a significant other, you know there is no limit to how far you would go to ensure the happiness of someone you love. Or at least, that’s how it should be.

But sometimes, everything doesn’t go as planned, as some of these shows prove. So, spend some time these holidays (and all the days leading up to it) snug on the couch, watching some of the best shows about romance on DStv. Some of them will teach you what not to do in a relationship, and others will make you believe in love again, but either way, they’re the perfect way to end off date night.

Don’t Tell the Bride

You’ve been together FOREVER, but he (for some reason) can’t catch on that it might be time to take the relationship to the next level. We got you, boo. Turn on the TV, hyping the show as you go, and subtly mention what you would do or do differently. Hopefully he gets the hint by watching Don’t Tell the Bride, Thursdays at 13:30 CAT on Lifetime, DStv Channel 131.

Love Games

Some relationships can look like a complete train wreck from the outside, but what actually goes on might surprise you. Following the spin-off of 90 Day Fiancé, this is yet again another spin-off, but with a twist. You’ve followed the ups and downs of their relationships, and now you get to see them work together to beat the game show. You can even play along with your partner and see how many you get right as a team. Who says TV can’t build strong relationships? Tune in on Fridays at 22:55 CAT on TLC, DStv Channel 135.

Love Island

With the holidays around the corner, a trip away is on many people’s agendas – but not all. So, live vicariously through the beautifully tanned, perfectly toned and incredibly out-there personalities as complete strangers move into a villa with the hopes of finding love. It might even make you appreciate your partner more after seeing all the scandals unfolding before your eyes! Watch season 7 daily at 23:30 CAT on M-Net, DStv Channel 101.

2 Families and a Wedding Dress

Would you ever leave it up to your family to choose the name of your child? Maybe where you’ll be vacationing this December? How to invest your money? If yes, then you will have no problem putting the decision of which dress to wear for your wedding day in their hands. Geared with a couple of specifics, the soon-to-be-wed’s families set out to find the perfect dress. Expect some major tantrums, tears and last-minute scrambles to make the bride happy. See what happens next Mondays at 19:30 CAT on BET, DStv Channel 129.

Married at First Sight

Do you remember when you and your partner first locked eyes? Were there sparks or did it take some time to see the beauty within? Regardless of how your love began, it’s about the journey, right? Well, for these couples, it’s more of an upward struggle as they are first introduced at the altar! Will it be a perfect match, or will it be disastrous from the start? Find out Fridays at 20:05 CAT on Lifetime, DStv Channel 131.

Edge a little closer to your partner as you settle in to watch these couple-ready shows on DStv. And be sure to download the DStv app to enjoy live streaming services, and the MyDStv app to manage your subscription from the comfort of your home.

Loving memories are best shared at home. 

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Relationship lessons – 5 international shows that are all about love

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