David Rudisha after winning gold in the Rio Olympics

The great David Rudisha has silenced his critics after defending his title and going for gold in the 800m race at the Rio Olympics 2016.

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Relive Rudisha's golden moment on DStv Now

Olympics aside, if Rudisha's tweets are anything to go by, this man has always been a winner, gold medal or no medal at all.

1. When he was just a humble Maasai even with all the medals



2. When he tweeted an inspiring quote about a forest, and it didn't sound weird at all.



3. That time he quoted Nizami Ganjavi. Be like Rudisha and find out who Nizami Ganjavi is.



4. Just look at such beautiful words



5. And how about reminding us that we should always smile, no matter what.



6. Just when we thought we could get summer off and go on a vacation, he channeled Bill Gates.



7. When he didn't show any bias at all



8. When he posed the most important question



9. When he wasn't shy to post this TBT



10. When he wasn't afraid to admit to the whole world that he was an Arsenal fan. It takes great courage...



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