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MultiChoice Ghana believes it is important to make a contribution to the country’s development and is keenly aware of its responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MultiChoice Ghana believes it is important to make a contribution to the country’s development and is keenly aware of its responsibility not only to provide the highest quality television entertainment, but also to invest meaningfully in the development of local communities. 

We have adopted a strategic approach to this responsibility, with consideration of our expertise, resources and assets. Our community investment programs are geared to achieve maximum impact, benefit and sustainability. 

Maintaining a strategic focus on education and media development, our community investments also include deserving causes which involve our employees.

•    MultiChoice Resource Centres

Education and access to information are key to the development and growth of a nation, and therefore we have invested in MultiChoice Resource Centers in schools across the country.

With the support of the Ghana Educational Service, MultiChoice Ghana has invested in 46 Ghanaian High Schools by donating DStv hardware and recording devices as well as TV’s to the schools.  The installations are part of a broad MultiChoice community development strategy to leverage company assets and expertise toward development and the growth of community.

The investment includes free access to the DStv Education Bouquet, comprising eight premium channels. This Education Bouquet provides a rich and varied learning resource environment that encourages exploration and brings subject matter to life. Students in the various schools are now able to better understand sophisticated concepts that are difficult to grasp without a visual experience.

In June 2007, a teacher training module on integration of video in the classroom was developed by MultiChoice Ghana and the Ministry of Education and Sport. By February 2012, 52 teachers from 26 schools had been trained using the training module on how to use the MultiChoice Resource Centers in their schools to complement their curriculum and teaching.

In January 2013, MultiChoice Ghana invested in 11 more Ghanaian High Schools as part of the company’s MRC programme.

According to Cecil Sunkwa-Mills, MultiChoice Ghana GM:


“The findings of a monitoring and evaluation report conducted in the 2nd quarter of 2008 revealed that an overwhelming 86% of Ghanaian schools equipped with MultiChoice Resource Centers believe that the DStv Education bouquet provides appropriate content to enhance the teaching and learning process. The Mindset Learn, Discovery and National Geographic channels are rated as the most useful for teaching and learning. The overall findings also indicated that not only has the DStv Education bouquet improved the students’ vocabulary due to News and other channels that are watched regularly, but the use of video images attracts the attention of students and the pictures help to form a better understanding. It is enormously satisfying for us, as a Ghanaian business, to make this meaningful contribution to develop the communities that make the markets in which we operate.”

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