Ethiopia New Year

ዲኤስቲቪን በእጅዎ ያስገቡት!

ከመቼውም ጊዜ በበለጠ ወደእርሶ ቀርቧል!

የእግር ኳስ አፍቃሪ ኖት? - የእንግሊዝ ፕሪሚየር ሊግና የላሊጋ ሳንታንደር ጨዋታዎችን በቀጥታ ይመለከታሉ

ልጆች አልዎት? - በዲዝኒ ጁንየር፡ ኒኮሎዲን፡ ካርቱን ኔትወርከ፡ ብመራንግ፡ ማይንድሴት ይዝናናሉ፡ ይማራሉ

ዶክመንተሪ ይወዳሉ? በናሽናል ጂኦግራፊ፡ ዲስከቨሪ ፋምሊ፤ክራይም ኢንቬስቲጌሽን ፕሮግራሞች ይመሰጣሉ

ፋሽንና የምግብ ዝግጅት ያስደስቶታል? - ፉድ ኔትወርክ፡ ተልሲ እና ፋሽን ዋን የእርሶ ናቸው፡፡

ፊልም ይከታተሉ? ኤምኔት ሲቲ፡  ስቲዲዩ ዩኒቨርሳል፣ ኤም ኔት ዞን፡ ፡ ቢቢሲ ብሪት፡ ኤም ኔት አክሽን፡ ሶኒ ማክስን አማርጠው ይመለከታሉ

እነኝህን ሁሉ በወር በ777 ብር በዲኤስቲቪ ብቻ

ከመቼውም ጊዜ በበለጠ ዲኤስቲቪ ወደ እርሶ ቀርቧል፤ በእጆ ያስገቡት!

ለበለጠ መረጃ በ011 6 63 99 00 ወይም በ011 6 17 10 10 ይደውሉ፡፡

የዲኤስቲቪ ኮመፓክት ፓኬጅ ደንበኛ የመሆን ፍላጎት አሎት? መጠይቁን በመሙላት ቢልኩልን በቀጣዮቹ 48 ሰዓት ውስጥ እንደውልሎታለን፡፡

You know who should be super-excited about the New Year? Everyone with a DStv decoder because DStv is about to show you how to unpack all the great shows that will give you new life goals.

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Are you ready to cook up some finger-licking dishes for the whole family in the New Year. Well, we brings loads of cooking shows like MasterChef: The Professionals on Fridays at 20:50 on BBC Lifestyle (174).

If you are looking for something special to give to the kids for the New Year, just let them unpack all the fun kiddies shows on DStv. In the brand news series Disney Cookabout, the kids get to learn about the different ways of making all the delicious dishes. It airs Thursdays at 18:40 on the Disney Channel.

As a bonus, did you also know that your kid now has a chance to be on Cartoon Network? Cartoon Network is giving kids across African a chance to be on the dance show Pop Up Party, and all they have to do is upload their best dance video. How’s that for unpacking the best of DStv this New Year?

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