Lucious and Cookie Lyon on Empire S3 on FOX

Are you ready to unpack drama on DStv? Then you better be ready for shows like Empire S3, which makes comeback to DStv together with new shows like Lethal Weapon and so much more this September.

1. Empire S3

In case you haven’t heard yet, Empire is back with all kinds of jaw-dropping drama. As the show has teased, there are going to be some major plot twists and shocks in Season 3, also with the inclusion of Black Lives Matter and guest star Mariah Carey. The third season will also look at how Cookie and Lucious first met. Tune in to the new season of Empire and hear the Lyons roar with the premiere on Thursday 22 September at 21:00 on FOX (125).

2. Grey’s Anatomy S13

Shonda Rhimes and drama are two things that go well together. Any fan of Grey’s Anatomy knows the emotional roller coaster that the show has put us through and Season 13 will not be any different but with the main focus now on the show’s original cast members. The show has also hinted on a reunion between April and Jackson after the birth of their baby, something fans can’t wait to see unfold. Grey's Anatomy S13 premieres on Saturday 24 September at 03:00 on M-Net (102), Express from the US.

3. Public Morals S1

Public Morals is a police drama that follows the lives of police officers fighting various crimes like prostitution and corruption in New York in 1960s as they also deal with their own vices and temptations. Public Morals airs Fridays at 21:00 on M-Net Edge (113).

4. Lethal Weapon S1

Now rebooted for television, Lethal Weapon pairs Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford who are both survivors of personal disasters and now find something to live for as they fight crimes in Los Angeles, while having each other’s back. Lethal Weapon premieres on M-Net (102) on Thursday 22 September at 19:30.

5. Woman of Steel

This thrilling telenovela tells the story of Sara Aguilar whose "normal family life" is snatched away from her and rises to become the most powerful woman – by building a money laundering empire - just to defend what she loves most, her son. It’s all about drug, money and betrayal. Woman of Steel airs on Monday to Friday at 21:30 on Telemundo (125).

Also watch out for the brand new telenovela, Manuel and Silvana, that premieres on Monday 3 October on Telemundo.

More dramatic shows to unpack:

Blindspot S2, airs on Fridays at 03:00 (Express from the US) and on Thursdays at 22:30 (Prime Time), also available on DStv Catch Up.

Suits S6, airs Thursdays at 21:30 on M-Net (102), also available on DStv Catch Up.

Twist of Fate, weekdays at 21:00 on Zee World (166).

The Governor, Mondays at 18:00 on EbonyLife (165).

Mistresses, Saturdays at 22:00 on VUZU AMP (103), also available on DStv Catch Up.

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