MultiChoice celebrates 20 years in Ehtiopia

Marking the 20-year milestone of MultiChoice Ethiopia.

MultiChoice marks two decades in the entertainment arena as the proud pioneers of the very first satellite television service provider in Ethiopia. MultiChoice Africa preceded North America and Europe in switching to digital television broadcasting and has ever since continued investing in technological advancements, which enhanced the television viewing experiences of its DStv customers.

In 1996, MultiChoice Ethiopia started with only three channels with SD contents and standard decoders on the DStv platform. Now, 20 years later, MultiChoice Ethiopia boasts over 100 channels and HD capable state of the art decoders, availing content anytime, anywhere, beyond the TV screen via cellphones, tablets and laptops, including on demand content options.

“The 20-year milestone is not a destination but the starting of a new era,” said general manager Gelila G Michael. “Though the business started with the efforts of two partners, it wasn’t an easy journey, one that was definitely not taken solo, we have thus made it with the help of motivated staff, loyal customers and supportive stakeholders.” Michael went on to add, “We are all proud to see that DStv has now become synonymous with quality entertainment and best sporting content in Ethiopia.”

MultiChoice has also been committed in investing on various projects for the betterment of the community. Among others, in close collaboration with the Ethiopian Educational Media Agency, we have provided educational content to 214 schools all over Ethiopia. Moreover, we have rolled out 17 MultiChoice Resource Centers in the country providing access to up-to-date information and enhancing the teaching and learning experiences in underprivileged schools.

Standing on its 20th anniversary, the company vows to meet and exceed its customers expectations and maintain its social investments in the future as it has done passionately for the past two decades.