Zoolander 2 on BoxOffice

Fifteen years after the first one, you can finally catch up with the extravagant supermodel duo of Derek (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) on Zoolander 2. Now available to rent on BoxOffice, the fashion idols get back into the limelight after years of seclusion.

There’s a villain on the loose and in a twisted turn of events, the estranged friends help Valentina Valencia (Penélope Cruz), a special agent who’s determined to catch the bad guy trying to kill all the famous pop stars- including Justin Beiber (gasp!).

The guys are still weird and that’s just fine. But if you think that Stiller as Derek is the main focus of the second installment, then you have it wrong. Turns out his fat, long-lost son, Derek Jr., is the chosen one. And someone is determined to kill him too.

That someone of course is Mugatu (Will Ferrell), who’s been in captivity in the fashion prison for years now.

The movie is jam-packed with hilarious scenes, like one where Hansel impregnates Jason Statham. Zoolander 2 is by far better than its predecessor. Well worth a watch and worth every penny when you rent it on BoxOffice on the DStv Explora.

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(By Lisa Mugera)