Daniel Craig in Spectre

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Sleek agent James Bond’s newest exploit, Spectre, is now available on BoxOffice starting on Friday 8 April.

Spectre is the 24th Bond film and Daniel Craig’s fourth as 007. Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes also returns after 2012’s Skyfall.

Everyone’s beloved spy goes rogue in Spectre, taking on an unofficial mission to uncover a criminal organisation assigned to him by the late M from beyond the grave.

Bond discovers that the organization he’s hunting down isn’t only threatening his job and MI6 as a whole but also his personal life. Puzzle pieces from Bond’s past are introduced in the form of the mastermind Franz Oberhauser, a villain obsessed with watching and destroying 007’s life and work.

Spectre is beautifully shot from the first minute to third hour. The film’s cinematography has a vintage Bond feel.

Even better was Sam Smith who wrote the film’s soundtrack. And what a debut it was! Smith’s song Writing’s on the Wall is played in its entirety in the best opening animation sequence you’ll ever see. The song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in this year’s ceremony.

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(By Wangechi Maina)