Gerard Butler in Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt seems to have everything going for it - a bumper $140 million production cost and a much loved Egyptian mythology plotline.

The movie opens with a magnificent aerial shot that establishes an exotic paradise. That alone makes this movie worth renting on BoxOffice. The rest is an endless deluge of collapsing sets and CGI. If that's your kind of weekend entertainment, then you'll enjoy this movie.


As it happens, director Alex Proyas (I, Robot) was born in Alexandria, Egypt, to what they call Egyptiote parents (Greeks from Egypt). He got a lot of flack for casting the Scottish-accented Gerard Butler and the blonde Nikolaj Costa-Waldau as indigenous North Africans - and deservedly so as he should have known better.

This, however, doesn't take away from the charismatic performance by Butler. I really enjoyed him doing his dry humor. Also worth a mention is Coster-Waldau. Here he makes an onscreen leap from kingsguard (in Game of Thrones) to king. His "little guy" routine as Horus is done well enough to get the audience to sympathise with him.

Costume design for the female cast mostly involves a lot of cleavage. At least one character, Zaya (Courtney Eaton, who you might have caught glimpses of in Mad Max: Fury Road), shows up to Judgment Day in the most inappropriate outfit imaginable. I must say though that Courtney is a lovely looking woman who you’ll enjoy seeing on screen each time she appears.

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By Tim Mworia