Deadpool on BoxOffice

From the beginning Deadpool, available on BoxOffice from 13 June, is self-aware. It knows that it wants to be an origin story. Ryan Reynolds literally says it in the movie. And that's what Deadpool is. It respects no rules and detests both superheroes and superhero movie tropes.

Deadpool is not so much a hero as he is a narcissistic douchebag. He hurts the only person he truly loves and doubles his military career death count in a single day, only because he has lost his good looks.

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect actor to play the role. He plays his part with admirable indifference and you can almost sense he is using the role as an outlet for his own buried feelings and fears. He and director Tim Miller work well to make Deadpool the cringy, sadistic, yet crackingly fun bloody mess that it is.

Deadpool’s irreverent humour aims its guns at any and everyone; from poor ol’ David Beckham to the studio itself and Marvel’s other franchises. Most of the jokes are the stuff of standup comedy.

As a superhero flick, Deadpool takes the road less travelled and that makes all the difference. Are you ready for this? Deadpool will be available to rent from Monday 13 June on BoxOffice on the DStv Explora.

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By Tim Mworia