DStv Ethiopia New Year campaign

As celebrations for Enkutatash continue, DStv Ethiopia would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Enkutatash is an Amharic term meaning “Gift of Jewels” and signifies the Ethiopian New Year. This is quite a special occasion, a reason for families to remember loved ones and feast on local foods.

Gursha, an act of feeding loved ones with one’s own hands is perhaps the most special gesture during the New Year. In Gursha, Doro Wot, a local Ethiopian stew is wrapped by one’s own bare fingers with Injera, flat bread made of Teff; a grain dubbed as the next super food, and is then fed to a loved one. Drinking local beverages brewed from honey and eating raw meat dipped with red hot sauce is also what makes the New Year a time to savour. Young girls presenting bouquets of yellow daisies to friends add euphoria to Enkutatash.

As we look forward to great things to come in the year 2010, we at DStv cannot be left behind in these special festivities. We have already started making the year a time to remember by bundling our products and offering them at an amazing price. We are offering a 40% discount on our decoder bundled with one month Compact subscription, an offer that will stay on until the end of September.

You can buy your DStv HD decoder for just 1200 Birr and get one month Compact subscription... now that is Enkutatash. May the festivities continue even with more entertainment from DStv. Happy New Year to you all!

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