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Don't leave your kids to their own devices, just get them DStv

The kids are on full holiday mode and we all know what that means: the destruction has begun. Nothing ominous really, just kids being kids, painting walls they should not paint. Sometimes turning your kitchen into a tornado of creativity and robbing you of that 6 am sleep. Well lucky for you, DStv Kids can help your kids channel their creativity into something that won't involve you frantically trying to get permanent stains off white leather seats.

1. The hyper kid

There are those moments when you are just sitting quietly in the house and then swoosh! Your kid bursts into the room making every imaginable kind of sound from whistling to roaring to hooting to squealing. It gets worse if there are two of them, and they just keep on running around and playing Tag, You're It. These are the kids that enjoy the thrill of action and challenge presented by an action packed movie like Kung Fu Panda: The Weight is Over, available for rent on BoxOffice on the DStv Explora.

Other super kids movies available for rent on BoxOffice are Tom and Jerry for the mischievous young ones and Justice League: Gotham City Breakout for your little superhero.

2. The inventor

When your kid keeps on dismantling cars or dolls to see what's inside and then glueing them back together, just imagine him or her as a young Albert Einstein. However, you don't want that young mind getting too curious to dismantle your TV, that's why you should interest them in inventor shows like Fuel Duel Innovation, Saturdays at 14:00 on Mindset (319).

3. The kitchen friend

Ever tried to make your special pot of mushroom soup and your kid is glued right there beside you trying to make a concotion of his or her own? Sometimes even trying to spike your soup with God-knows-what. Such kids never take no for answer even you tell them detergent and flour are not the same thing and should never be mixed. But you could distract them and nurture all that kitchen creativity by having them watch Snack Attack, Thursdays at 18:00 on Zee World (166).

4. The creative

These are the ones who think your white walls are too bland, that they need a little bit of crayon colour or that your bedroom mirror might just look better with tiny coloured finger prints. How about you just let them colour your world with Art Attack, weekdays at 06:35 on Disney Junior.

5. The outdoors

Then there's that kid who just won't stay in the house come rain, come sunshine. Quite the explorer this one, always fascinated by bugs crawling on the ground (the ones you run away from), tree climbing and anything that mother nature or the outdoors throws at them. To help them get in touch with the outdoors, DStv brings them Ultimate Animals, Fridays at 13:22 on Nat Geo Wild (182).

Some more awesome kid shows on DStv:

KC Undercover on DStv Catch Up or DStv Now for the quest lovers.

Powerpuff Girls on Catch Up for the kids who believe they can fly and fight bad guys like superheroes.

The Lion Guard on Friday at 19:30 on Disney Junior

Now you know, get your kids the gift of DStv this August and become the coolest parent on the block.