DStv Explora decoder

Connect your Explora to the internet and get a whole lot more entertainment

There is already so much you can do with a DStv Explora. You can enjoy the latest series like Supergirl even past their airing time by accessing DStv Catch Up. You can also head on to BoxOffice (in selected countries) and get entertained with blockbusters like Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation that is available for renting.

But do you ever feel like you want more? We have awesome news for you, now you can get even a lot more from the Explora when it’s connected to the internet with features such as Catch Up Plus and Remote Recording. Check out how easy it is to set it up.


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What do I need to access DStv Catch Up Plus?

You need the following to access DStv Catch Up Plus:

  • An internet connection in your home (we recommend a high-speed unlimited connection, with a minimum 2Mbps download speed when using this feature).
  • A DStv Explora which is connected to the existing internet in your home.
  • Your DStv Explora must be enabled for DStv Catch Up Plus (to do this, press the blue DStv button, select “Settings”, select “User Preferences”, select “Connected Services” and set DStv Catch Up Plus to “On”)
  • An active DStv Premium and PVR subscription.
  • Some free space on your DStv Explora (for downloads).

How do I connect the DStv Explora to the internet?

Ensure your DStv Explora is in the same room as your router, you can link them using an Ethernet cable (available from any electronic store).

What type of programming does DStv Catch Up Plus offer?

DStv Catch Up Plus includes series, box sets (when available), sports, movies, documentaries, kids’ shows and exclusive content. Some of the content on DStv Catch Up Plus is content that’s expired from DStv Catch Up (giving you a little longer to watch the show).

How long does it take for the DStv Catch Up Plus catalogue to download to my DStv Explora?

The catalogue should only take a few minutes to download (depending on the quality of your internet connection). It starts downloading once your DStv Explora is connected to the internet and you have enabled the DStv Catch Up Plus feature.

How do I use DStv Catch Up Plus on my Explora?

Once you’ve connected your DStv Explora to the internet in your home, you need to switch the feature “On” (to do this, press the blue DStv button, select “Settings”, select “User Preferences”, select “Connected Services” and set DStv Catch Up Plus to “On”).

To access DStv Catch Up Plus, press CATCH UP (you’ll go to the usual DStv Catch Up screen), then press CATCH UP again to switch to DStv Catch Up Plus. (The catalogue needs a few minutes to download once you’ve connected your DStv Explora to the internet).

You can now browse hundreds of additional titles available for download.

How much internet data is used when downloading content from DStv Catch Up Plus to my DStv Explora?

As with any video service, data usage can be relatively high depending on the amount of programmes you download or stream. Programmes range from around 200MB to 1.2GB

What is remote recording?

Remote recording is a function on the DStv TV Guide that enables users to set recordings from their mobile devices or PCs to their decoders at home.

What do I need so that I can start remote recording on my decoder?

  • You need a DStv Explora decoder
  • Internet connectivity to your Explora
  • A DStv Connect account with your Smartcard linked (Explora Smartcard).

Do I change my decoder settings to enable remote recording?

Yes, please follow the simple instructions below.

  • Press the menu button on your remote (Blue button)
  • Select Settings
  • User Preferences
  • Connected Services
  • Remote recordings (Switch ON remote recordings)

How does it work?

When you have met the above criteria, you will see the red record button upon clicking on a programme. You can trigger the recording by clicking it.

Should you get stuck, please contact our call centre for assistance.