The Snowman

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The Mountain Between Us

I know it may be a fictitious movie but being a typical African, the thought of taking a miniature plane in the first place with a complete stranger and a pilot I don't know, is absurd! The end of the film is really unexpected but it spices up the entire movie.

The movie is quite adventurous and the survival instinct of human beings is definitely brought out. This is a movie to watch with your significant other because it will bring out 'the feelings'. Rent now on BoxOffice.  

Baby Driver

Baby Driver flips its genre’s script. It is not your typical crime-to-redemption story. It has twists and turns that are unexpected. Director Edgar Wright has been working on the movie since the idea was conceived in 1994. He even adapted the film's original planned beginning into a music video that he directed for Electronic band Mint Royale back in 2003.

That is what it took to make this movie. Yes, there are a few bits that might make you feel a little meh - like the drive-off-into-the-sunset ending. Its a bit run-of-the-mill but that doesn’t dampen the fun, excitement and thrill that come before. Rent now on BoxOffice. 


The Snowman

Other than its script full-of-suspense and great acting, a couple more things make The Snowman a great watch; the linear story which is easy to follow and the spectacular locations which provide a fitting cold and haunting backdrop to the story – almost acting as an extra character. The makeup and graphics department also do an awesome job. The corpses, especially, are so gory and realistic, they made me squirmy.

It is one of those movies that will not prepare you for what happens next. It is an effort that paid off because the movie is based on a novel, and we all know how challenging it is to bring a book to life. Rent now on BoxOffice.

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