DStv, Fox Life, This is us

Global consensus of the week: Gal Gadot (you are probably pronouncing it wrong…yes you are) is kicking butt in Wonder Woman and somewhere on DStv as well. Catch her on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on DStv Now. We promise she makes that ordinary DC Comics (cough) movie worth watching.

There is a lot more you can discover this week, well, other than the meaning of covfefe. Too old? We had to try.

1. Why four grown men share an apartment they can barely afford to live in

My Flatmates is a sitcom that follows four friends who share a flat and whose lives are never shot of drama and lots of laugh. And we’d expect nothing less because Nigerian funny man and one of Africa’s finest comedians BasketMouth is in it. Tune in to My Flatmates on Tuesday 13 June at 20:30 on Africa Magic Showcase (151), also available DStv Now and on Catch Up on the DStv Explora.


More comedies to discover:

  • Babby Daddy on Monday 12 June at 18:00 on Vuzu AMP(103)
  • American Housewife, Wednesday at 19:00 on M-Net East (102) also available on DStv Now and on Catch Up on the DStv Explora

2. How the disappearence of a 2 year old sent America into an outrage

On July 15 2008, a 911 call reporting a missing child sparks an intense investigation. Orlando police are desperate to find two-year-old Caylee - but her mother, Casey Anthony, seems to be standing in the way of their search. This three-part documentary special goes deep inside the case that shocked the United States, revealing the lies and betrayal in this extraordinary case. Tune in on Tuesday 13 June at 22:00 on Discovery IDx (171).


More interesting doccies to discover:

  • Genius, Sunday 18 June at 21:05 on National Geographic (181)
  • Behind Bars: Rookie Year, available on DStv Now
  • Murder Chose Me, Thursdays 15 June at 22:00 on Discovery IDx (171)


3. What next after the end of the football season?

It might be the end of the football season as you know it, but that doesn’t mean the football on DStv has to stop. Tune in to the International Friendly between Brazil and Australia on Tuesday 13 June at 21:30 on SuperSport 3 Africa HD (203).

DStv Premium customers can catch the action via live video streaming on supersport.com, on DStv Now (for Android and iOS) and on the SuperSport App


4. Why it's not a bad thing to feel things

At first This is Us seems like it's just a show about four different people who share the same birthday only for you to find out that they are all interconnected. Also, who knew that Milo Ventimiglia could grow out of the annoying brooding teen that was Jess Mariano in Gilmore Girls. This one is ‘weepy weeps’ guys, so grab some tissues because it’s not a bad thing to feel things. Catch This is Us Monday 12 June at 20:30 on M-Net (102), also available on DStv Now and on Catch Up on the DStv Explora.

Discover more dramas:

  • The Blacklist Redemption, Tuesday 13 June at 22:00 on M-Net City
  • The Good Fight, Monday 12 June at 21:30 on M-Net (102) and on DStv Now and Catch Up
  • Power, Tuesday 13 June at 23:30 on Vuzu AMP (103) available on DStv Now and Catch Up

5. How to defeat zombies and evil corporations

In Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, what happens in the end? Do Alice and her friends finally defeat the Umbrella Corporation? Can the human race finally survive the apocalypse without the monsters chasing after them? A lot of questions and only one place to find all the answers. BoxOffice brings you the sixth and the final installment of the Resident Evil franchise. A few familiar faces who join Milla Jovovich in her quest – Ali Larter, Ruby Rose and former telenovela heartthrob William Levy.

Check out this list for more new movies to discover on BoxOffice this week.