DStv Expands Gojo Package with Popular Channels, including Abol TV

News 15 April 2024

Bringing More Value and Diverse Entertainment Options

DStv Expands Gojo Package with Popular Channels, including Abol TV

DStv's commitment to providing top-notch entertainment experiences takes another stride forward with the announcement of exciting enhancements to the DStv package lineup. Specifically tailored to meet the diverse preferences of Ethiopian audiences, the Gojo Package sees significant enrichment with the addition of renowned channels, including Abol TV. This strategic move aims to offer subscribers unparalleled access to a broader array of captivating content, elevating their viewing experience to new heights.

Abol TV: Immerse yourself in the richness of Ethiopian storytelling with Abol TV, featuring captivating dramas and comedies.

Nick Jr. Amharic: Delight the little ones with educational programming dubbed in Amharic, making learning fun and engaging.

Zee Alem: showcasing the best of Indian cinema in Amharic and Afan Oromo.

Trace Muzika:, offering a vibrant mix of Ethiopian music videos for every mood.

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The expansion of the Gojo package represents a strategic move by DStv to cater to the evolving preferences of Ethiopian viewers. With a compelling blend of local and international content, subscribers can expect a richer and more engaging entertainment experience, all at an attractive price point. DStv's dedication to providing diverse, high-quality programming underscores its position as a leader in the entertainment industry, setting the stage for even greater innovations in the future.

To ensure your current package or to explore upgrade options, please access the self-service feature within the MyDStv app.

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