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Who's who on Empire

Starring Taraji P Henson and Terrence Howard and created by Lee Daniels, director of The Butler, Empire has gripped audiences in America, and was renewed for a second season after just two episodes.

The first season of Empire kicks off with a double bill on Wednesday 4 March at 21:00 on DStv channel 125, but before then, FOX is bringing us a first look of what everyone’s been talking about.

Meet the cast of this new drama and tune in to FOX, Wednesday 25 February at 21:00 for Empire: First Look.


Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard)

CEO of Empire Entertainment.
Diagnosed with terminal illness and is looking at his sons to continue his empire.

Where you may know Terrence from: Hustle & Flow, The Best Man, Winnie Mandela 

Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson)

Ex-wife of Lucious.
Fresh out of prison, Cookie wants her share of the company she helped form.

Where you may know Taraji from: The Curious Cast Of Benjamin Button, The Karate Kid, Person of Interest 

Andre Lyon (Trai Byers)

Oldest son of Lucious and Cookie.
CFO of Empire Entertainment and power hungry.

Where you may know Trai from: 90210, Jayhawkers, Selma

Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett)
Middle son of Lucious and Cookie.

Talented singer and songwriter, estranged from his father because of his sexual orientation.

Where you may know Jussie from: The Mighty Ducks, On Our Own, The Skinny 

Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Gray)

Youngest child of Lucious and Cookie.
Star on the rise and Lucious’ favourite child.

This is Bryshere's first acting role. 

Anika Gibbons (Grace Gealey)
Fiance of Lucious.

Head of A&R at Empire Entertainment. 

This is Grace's first acting role.

Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday)
Andre’s manipulative wife.

Where you may know Kaitlin from: Catch Me If You Can, Mixology

Vernon Turner (Malik Yoba)
Chairman of Empire Entertainment.
Longtime friend of Lucious.

Where you may know Malik from: Why Did I Get Married?, Alphas, Revolution





Tune in to FOX on Wednesday 25 February at 21:00 for Empire: First Look and then tune in for this gripping family tale on 4 March at 21:00 for a double bill of Empire.