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The week on DStv

The week on DStv has been filled with drama and love, suspense and laughter – here are some of our highlights.

We’re still shocked that Manchester City lost to Crystal Palace, and have now dropped two places in the BPL rankings. Will they be able to get back to their winning ways when they face Manchester United at Old Trafford?

Your World of Champions is bringing you the much anticipated Manchester Derby, live and in HD, on Sunday at 16:30 CAT on SS3 – make sure you tune in for what will be an exciting football match.

Our Thursday evenings are now complete… Being Mary Jane, season two is on BET at 20:50 CAT. We’re still rooting for Mary Jane and David to end up together, but this week the focus was on another relationship – Mark’s.

After years of lies and pretending that he was in love with Mary Jane, he finally opened up to his parents. If you missed all the drama, make sure you tune in to BET on Sunday, 12 April at 20:25 CAT for the repeat.

We are so excited that our favourite vampire brothers are back – yes, The Vampire Diaries returned to Vuzu AMP on Wednesday – if you missed the action, be sure to Catch Up on The Vampire Diaries now! Damon has some very big, life changing news for Stefan.  And then make sure you tune in to Vuzu AMP, Wednesdays at 21:30 CAT as the drama in Mystic Falls continues.

This weekend is for binging on some of our favourite kids movies – yes, DStv Catch Up has a great selection of some of our favourite kids movies. We’re looking forward to watching, for the millionth time, Frozen, Wall-E, The Nut Job, Shrek and so much more!