Fattening Room

It's a colourful affair on the season finale of The Fattening Room.

The ladies have been away in the fattening room for many days learning the rites of womanhood. They have been in seclusion as prescribed by the age-old Efik tradition. Under the guidance of Aunty Daki, they have learnt about what it takes to become a woman and a wife and in the process, learnt more about themselves. By learning how to love and keep a man, they have all come to love and appreciate themselves.

Drawn from across Africa and from diverse professions, these women will be presented to society in accordance to tradition. Roselyn Ashkar, a fashion model and journalist from Ghana; Sally Berold, an adventurer and freelance experiential marketing specialist from South Africa; Stephanie Unachukwu, a Nigerian designer and Patricia Kihoro, a singer, actress and radio personality from Kenya. Others include Thsepo Maphanyanye, a publicity and public relations executive from Botswana, and Limpo Funjika, a business development manager and aspiring TV presenter from Zambia.

After following a strict regimen of diet and exercise, these feisty modern African women will dance the Ekombi (traditional Efik dance) dressed in colourful traditional Efik attire in a lavish ceremony. The coming out ceremony is all about pomp and pageantry; the more colourful the better. No expenses are spared with the costumes, jewellery and makeup of the maidens. Coral beads, foot and hair accessories all bring out the beauty of the women.

The event will also feature local entertainment (dance and music). Friends, families and well-wishers will be present to share the special day with all the women of The Fattening Room. A day of merriment, wining and dining – Efik style. You don’t want to miss it!

Watch the season finale of The Fattening Room this Sunday at 10.30 CAT on EbonyLife TV.