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Parting with such Suits sorrow

If you tuned in for the Suits finale last night, you’ll know that there was a marriage proposal, a death and a break-up, well professionally anyway.

If you missed the drama, watch Suits now on DStv Catch Up, as this article contains spoilers.

After his declaration of love for Donna, Harvey took a trip down memory lane, to when they first met, and a time when he helped his brother out financially.

Louis had a complete break down after the death of his secretary, and it was his moving speech at a memorial at Pearson Specter Litt that pushed Mike to propose marriage to Rachel. A proposal she happily accepted.

Donna couldn’t get the answers she needed, or wanted, from Harvey - so she didn’t think twice about leaving him to become Louis' new secretary.

Here are some of our favourite quotes from the Suits finale.



Such a charmer Harvey is. Someone else who is not just a pretty face is Patrick Jane. Each week we are intrigued by how his brain works on The Mentalist (Thursdays at 23:30 on M-Net) as he helps solve crime.


We’re gonna miss Louis Litt so much! He always makes us laugh - at just about everything that comes out of his mouth - it’s like he has no filter. Kind of reminds us of Barney Stinson. To see what we're talking about, tune in to Comedy Central weeknights at 20:15, for a double bill of fun with How I Met Your Mother.

Yes, Harvey, we also want to know how you love Donna. Is it the way we love The Graham Norton Show? Cos if it is, you must tune in to BBC Entertainment, every Tuesday at 21:40 and see the great musical performances and interviews with some of the biggest stars in film and TV.

Everyone wants the money Harvey, including the contestants of MasterChef Australia. Step into the kitchen weeknights at 20:30 and see how they fare against each other on M-Net.

We’ve all heard this before, and one man we know is trouble has to be Raymond Reddington. See how useful he is and who he helps put on the list, when The Blacklist S2 returns on Wednesdays at 22:30 only on M-Net.

Remember to watch the last of Suits on DStv Catch Up and stay glued to DStv for more exciting programmes.