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Freezer moments on KUWTK

It’s so great to have our favourite reality TV family back on our screens. Yes, every Sunday evening at 20:00 we’re tuned in to E! to see what Kris Jenner and her children are getting up to.

And of course to hear what comes out of their mouths – sometimes they have no filter, and we can’t help but laugh at what they say.

If you missed this week’s episode, watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians now on DStv Catch Up.

From getting used to their parents being divorced and dating again, there’s no shortage of drama on KUWTK. Here are some of our favourite quotes from season 10 so far:

Poor Kris! It feels like everything she does in her own home is being watched, monitored and commented on by her house guests. Maybe she should get some tips from Nathan Miller, played by Will Arnett, to see how he copes with living with the parents. Tune in for The Millers, weeknights at 19:50 CAT only on Comedy Central.

Let’s not forget that cleaning up people’s closets, is how Kim’s work in the entertainment industry started. But getting the hives after going through Khloe’s gorgeous closet wasn’t the reaction we were expecting. We’d like to move into Khloe’s closet… it’s massive! And we’re sure the Fashion Bloggers will agree. Enter their world of fashion on E! Wednesdays at 18:00 CAT.

LOL Scott! When Kylie and Scott discussed Kris getting back into the dating scene, this was the last thing we were prepared to hear. But as it turns out, Kris is dating a younger guy – a guy the same age as Scott, and younger than Kourtney and Kim. This makes us want to tune in to She’s 78, He’s 39: Age Gap Love on TLC Entertainment on Tuesday 14 April at 21:50 CAT, just to find out how this couple met and fell in love. And of course, the obstacles they faced from family, friends and even society.

After Kim’s plans to launch her own game, Kourtney suggested she and Khloe design their own game. If only she knew they already took the world – they have millions of fans all over the world! And a group of contestants on SONY are taking on the world as they participate in The Amazing Race. Tune in on Sundays at 19:35 CAT and see the challenges they face on this epic journey.

Yeah Kylie, not only did you confuse your father Bruce, but you also confused us… just for a minute. The youngest Jenner daughter has started her own line of selling hair extensions – an entrepreneur at such a young age. This reminds us of the hairstylists who are hoping to win in the BBC Lifestlye show Hair. Tune in on Thursdays at 21:05 CAT and see who will walk away with the title – Britain’s Best Amateur Hairdresser.

Sometimes questions are asked that need no answers, or we just don’t want to hear the answers. This is what Kris asked Khloe, after finding her sitting in the freezer. We’ve become so used to the randomness on KUWTK, that this crazy moment didn’t even phase us! Somewhere else where you can find crazy moments is on The Wendy Williams Show – and we love her Hot Topics! Tune in to BET2, weeknights at 19:55 CAT for her talk show and see some of your favourite celebrities.

Follow the drama in all new episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Sundays at 20:00 CAT only on E! Entertainment.