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BBA Reunion: Tears, cheers and beers!

The BBA hotshots came together to share some beers, wipe away some tears and couldn't help but cheer as well! Who was sad, jubilant and overjoyed? Dig in!

Idris spent the time in Kenya as part of his Idris tour and while there, he met up with Sabina.

The fans loved seeing some Housemates together again.

Melvin also joined the celebrations!


Tonight skylux Idrissi, sauti sol, ommy dimpoz, sabina, myself, we're rocking it. @sabstadler @IdrisSultan @LuisMunana

— Melvin Alusa (@AlusaBBA) March 19, 2015

The fans are looking forward to another tour; Nhlanhla is currently in Rwanda.


Rwandair... "fly our dream to the heart of Africa" #ImAboutIt via #Camera360#

— Nhlanhla Nhlapo (@NhlanhlaNhlapo) March 25, 2015

Rwanda will get lucky again as Tayo is also making his way there, but for now he is in South Africa!


Rocking Jozi one more time,kigali in a bit with this big monkey @lekan_kingkong ayayaya. #selfies#reunion#Rwandaholidayloading#Nigeriainabit#votenotfight

A photo posted by Akintayo Faniran (@tayofaniran) on Mar 24, 2015 at 7:00am PDT

Tayo was a birthday baby in the last week, and he left us guessing whether this Range Rover was what he got for his birthday?


God I thank you!!!!!#birthday#celebritycelebration#Godisgood#zerotohero#dreamscometrue#blessmyfriends#aretheymad#thankfultoteamtayoandtayonation#letsdomoretogether#demneverseeanything#eheheheheheh

A photo posted by Akintayo Faniran (@tayofaniran) on Mar 18, 2015 at 3:36am PDT

Other hotshots wished him the best on his big day!



— MamBea Fashion House (@MamBea_1) March 18, 2015Also in South Africa is Namibian Luis, who was spotted hanging out with Samantha.

Samantha certainly needed some cheering up after the dismal performance by the South African cricket team in the ICC World Cup.

Not just Samantha, but South Africans everywhere including Nhlanhla were depressed!


Almost had a heart attack

— Nhlanhla Nhlapo (@NhlanhlaNhlapo) March 24, 2015

Samantha and Nhlanhla should resort to watching BBMzansi just like Ellah;