The logo for Zambezi Magic.

Zambezi Magic (160) is calling on all professional and budding scriptwriters to be part of making Zambezi Magic the true home of Southern African entertainment TV by submitting their best script for a feature film.

Zambezi Magic is looking for amazing feature film scripts that the channel can turn into an amazing success to be produced by Zambezi Magic Original Film Productions. The film will be released onto DStv’s movie rental service, BoxOffice, before being aired on Zambezi Magic at a later stage.  

We are looking for original and compelling stories that will resonate with our audiences. We want authentic stories that are driven by strong narratives and characters and are a reflection of our diversity. 

Over the past few months, we have been engaging and consulting with various filmmakers and industry bodies and they have been urging us to invest in the industry by commissioning projects. So this film project is a response to that. The challenge for the filmmakers will be to make a high quality movie for $25 000.

We are so excited and looking forward to reading amazing stories and creating 12 powerful movies that will allow the Southern African storytellers to share their stories with the rest of Africa via the DStv platform.

Full professional scripts can be submitted to: and the closing date for submission is 27 November 2015.