Dwayne Johnson on Lip Sync Battle on MTV

Time to review your DStv bucket list, are you watching these shows?

What shows are you currently watching on DStv? For football fans, you are probably still hung up on this weekend's EPL on SuperSport. Catch up with the highlights of the Stoke v Chelsea game on DStv Catch Up on the DStv Explora. For others, you probably can't wait for the next episode of The Fixer, which airs on Saturday at 03:00 on M-Net.

But how well do you really know your DStv? It is time to #DiscoverDStv and add these shows on your bucket list.

1. The Knick

The Knick follows the medical staff at New York's Knickerbocker Hospital. Before you roll your eyes and mumble, “not another medical show”, just know this: The Knick is set in the 1900s when there was a lot of limitation in the world of medicine but the doctors still had to solve some of the hardest medical cases. Add a cocaine addicted doctor (played by Clive Owen) to this plotline and you have one of the best medical dramas to ever grace our screens. Tune in every Monday at 21:00 on M-Net Edge, also available on DStv Catch Up on the DStv Explora.

2. Lucan

In 1974, a British aristocrat, Lord Lucan, disappears without a trace after allegedly murdering his children’s nanny. His whereabouts remain a mystery to date. This mysterious story is revived in Lucan, which airs Wednesday at 22:00 on ITV Choice (123).

3. Lip Sync Battle

You see how Empire’s Lucious and Cookie are always at each other’s necks? Now picture them in a lip sync battle. It’s not just an imagination, this actually happened on the Lip Sync Battle. Too bad you missed it but there are still great celebrity battles to watch out for. Hosted by the ever delightful LL Cool J, this is a sync-off you cannot miss. Tune in every Friday at 18:35 on MTV (130).

4. Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands is a new show, set in a post-apocalyptic world where four feudal barons rule with an iron fist, controlling all the resources needed for survival, aided by assassins known as Clippers. Hmmm, brutal power - a little bit of Game of Thrones-ish, which is why you can not miss the premiere of this show on Monday 16 November on AMC (140).

5. Guy Code

There are rules to being a man, rules that every man needs to learn if you don't want to end up as a "wanted man" by three scorned women a la John Tucker Must Die. Want to dodge the bullet? Tune in to Guy Code on Friday at 22:00 on SONY MAX.

6. Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

Who doesn't like a Steven Spielberg masterpiece? Even more if it's a tribute to the one of the biggest attacks that shook America - the 9/11 - and the healing process of reshaping the epicentre of the attack. Tune in to Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero on Saturday at 18:50 on Discovery World (187).


Now draft that bucket list because there are still more shows to discover:

The Haves and Have Nots - Tuesdays at 20:30 on VUZU (116)

The Secret Millionaire - Saturday at 20:10 on BBC Lifestyle (174)

Girl, Get Your Mind Right - weekdays at 17:20 on TLC (172)

Wives with Knives - Thursdays at 17:20 on CI (170)

The Moaning of Life - Mondays at 21:00 on BBC Brit (120)

Awkward - Saturday from 16:00 - 20:20 on MTV (130)

An Idiot Abroad - Sunday at 21:00 on BBC Brit (120)

Diagnose Me - Saturday at 22:50 on TLC (172).


No more fear of missing out, #DiscoverDStv, check out the DStv Guide.