Artwork for the Fashion One series, Fashion Underground

Join our fashion correspondent Stefanie Jones as she discovers the basics of British traditional sports and the related stylish clothing in the new series, British Style!

Then, join her in navigating some of the industry’s most desirable internships and brands in another series, Fashion Underground.

Discover some of the most traditional British sports and classic British heritage brands, and explore how this rich history has influenced current runway trends by learning the basics of classic sports such as shooting, fly fishing and horseback riding. 

Next, we continue the journey with Stefanie as she gets an inside look as a makeup artist intern at renowned makeup schools like AOFM PRO and Urban Decay in London. She will be learning and demonstrating beauty tips from top makeup artists, while introducing the best selling beauty products such as Bobbi Brown and MAC for a flawless look.

Fashion Underground premieres on Monday 2 May at 23:00 and British Style premieres on Wednesday 3 May at 22:00 exclusively on Fashion One.