Brian Unger of the Travel Channel's Time Travelling show

More DStv customers will soon be part of the journey to some of the world’s best travel destinations, timeless cities, cultures and landmarks as the Travel Channel (179) becomes available to DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus and DStv Family packages from 10 December 2015. 

The channel, currently only available to DStv Premium customers, will unlock a new world travel wonders to a wider audience on DStv. 

Some of the exciting programmes that viewers can look forward to include: Mysteries at the Monument, an eye-opening series of uncovering the history, stories and secrets behind some of the most curious monuments in European cities such as London, Berlin and Paris, as well as across the USA. This will air on Thursdays from 3 December at 21:00 CAT

Time Traveling with Brian Unger, the ultimate guide in this time-travelling tour of America. Brian takes viewers on a visually arresting journey through time, where they can witness key moments in the country’s history, such as Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in 1865 and the infamous OK Corral shootout of 1881. So get ready to travel like never before from Saturday 5 December at 21:00 CAT.

More Christmastown, USA: Hop on-board the sleigh and head to American towns that celebrates Christmas all year round! The show premieres on Saturday 19 December at 00:00 CAT.