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Christy and Bonnie are back for the fifth season of fun and laughter in Mom.

A radio falls out of the sky and into the hands of a dog with big dreams of a music career in Rock Dog

Riviera follows a woman who discovers that the way her husband has afforded their opulent lifestyle, may not all be above board. 

Dive into Africa’s rivers and swim with the hippos or visit the wild savannahs and eat with the lions in Wild Africa: Rivers Of Life

Join Michael Fassbender as he attempts to unravel the mystery of an ominous snowman and a murder in The Snowman

A man plots revenge against his late cousin’s mysterious wife, convinced she is responsible. But his plan becomes complicated when he finds himself enchanted by her. Watch My Cousin Rachel.

Taking on new movies with new celebrities, don’t miss the hilarity in season two of The Keith And Paddy Picture Show

Join Gordan Ramsay On Cocaine as he traverses the pitfalls and dangers of the world of drug abuse. 

Written by J.K Rowling., follow a troubled war veteran turned private detective in C.B Strike