Ed Stafford in Into The Unknown

Who doesn't like to see the world and discover new things? Yes you can but there's no need to pack your bags or get an air ticket to hop on a plane. You can travel with DStv right at the comfort of your couch with your favourite scoop of ice cream or a slice of cake. Okay, maybe it should be a vegetable salad or carrot smoothie, and then settle right in to enjoy the scenery.

As is described, Food Lover's Guide to the Planet is a mouth-watering mixture of food, culture and travel. One minute you are sampling the spicy delicacies of New Delhi, the next you are sampling the best fillet mignon in France. Or the best wines from some of the most popular wineries around the world. This is exactly what happens when food meets travel. Are you an early riser, tune in from Monday to Sunday at 06:00 on National Geographic (181).

How about a journey Into the Unknown where you get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look as Ed Stafford offers his packing tips for an expedition and reflects on personal highs and lows from his journey into the unknown. Tune in to the first episode of the new series on Tuesday 10 November at 21:00 on Discovery Channel (121).

Prepare your taste buds for a journey to rediscover your palate with Man Finds Food. Let Adam Richman take you on a journey across the American cities as he unearths some of the best culinary secrets of unique dishes. Tune in on Tuesday at 22:00 on Food Network (172).


Nature is calling, literally on Treehouse Masters as Pete Nelson gives you the most exquisite houses built on trees. It's a life away from tall skyscrapers and civilization, just the the escape you need to relax your mind. Take a journey into the beautiful nature with Treehouse Masters, weekdays at 22:05 on Animal Planet (183).


Dust your cupboards and display cabinets, it is now time for treasure hunting and antique collection with Antique Roadshow where experts travel to different regions to appraise antiques brought by the locals. Tune in weekdays at 11:05 on BBC Lifestyle (174).


In Africa's Wild Kingdom Reborn, wildlife cameraman Bob Poole takes you deep into the breathtaking African wilderness of Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park as they try to restore the paradise to its former glory. Tune in on Friday at 20:00 on Nat Geo Wild (182).