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Saloni (weekdays at 18:00)
Kalika plans to destroy the unity between Tara and Saloni. It is the day of Brijesh's court hearing. Will he be proven guilty or will Kalika win the case? Kalika causes trouble between Samar and Kaveri. Kaveri follows Samar all the way to where she discovers that Ginni is back in the picture. Veer announces his retirement.

The Vow (weekdays at 19:00)
Surili deceives Sagar’s family by paying the doctor to not reveal the truth. Sindoora finds out about this and her reaction is unexpected. Surili takes advantage of Vydia's innocence to work towards taking her place in the house. Will she be a threat to Sagar and Vydia's marriage? Surili’s plan to make Sagar feel isolated seems to be working. Sagar takes a drastic step concerning Sameer in order to take back his place in Vydia’s heart.

Sacred Ties (weekdays at 20:00)
Savita tells Dayaram that she will not allow this divorce to take place as she feels Manav and Archana's relationships brings joy to everyone they meet. Ajit interrupts a phone conversation between Archana and Vanita and he tells Archana that if she doesn’t allow the divorce to go through, he's going to hurt Vanita. Archana's departure takes its effect on Savita as she becomes emotionally unstable.

The Promise (weekdays at 21:00)
Jigyasa’s plan to bring destruction into Vicky’s life doesn’t go according to plan. Ganga comes to the rescue. After finding out that Jigyasa is responsible for Vicky's fault, Jai confronts Jigyasa. Vicky turns his back on Bani, not giving ear to her advices or acknowledging her. How will Bani bring the peace back in the family? Jai finds out that his children, Ganga and Vicky do not see eye to eye. Their disagreements could cause a problem in the Walia business.  

Eternal Love (weekdays at 13:00)
Mother superior reveals that Anu has lost her memories. Fateh, a look alike of Ranveer, attends a function in the orphanage. Daljeet still misses Sahiba and hopes that she's alive. Daljeet finally hears Sahiba’s voice on a radio interview. Daljeet arrives at the orphanage. Will fate allow them to be reunited? Daljeet spots Fateh and thinks Ranveer is still alive. The story takes a leap, 20 years later.