Shonda Rhimes

Blue Mondays are a thing of the past ‘cos we have Shonda Mondays!

There’s no better thing to do on Monday nights than tuning in to DStv Premium, and watching the best of Shonda Rhimes back-to-back with Grey’s Anatomy (19:30 on M-Net) and The Fixer (20:30 on M-Net).

You can also watch these Shonda favourites on Saturday mornings, when Grey's Anatomy and The Fixer screen Express From The US at 02:00 and at 03:00 on DStv channel 101.

Don’t worry too much if you’re gonna miss out on all the Shonda drama – you can always watch it later on DStv Catch Up, or download the DStv Now app and watch Grey’s Anatomy and The Fixer, anytime, anywhere.

And if you missed the season finale of How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) last week, make sure to watch it on DStv Catch Up!

Did you ever notice how The Fixer’s Cyrus Beene looks like Meredith Grey’s father? That’s because Jeff Perry plays both roles.

Over the years of watching the best Shonda Rhimes series, we have noticed that sometimes, Shonda uses some of the same actors and actresses across all of her shows.

Look at our infographic below and check where you may have seen Bonnie (HTGAWM), Jake (The Fixer) and even Amelia (Grey’s Anatomy).