Artwork for The Big Bang Theory on M-Net

Check out Dr Cooper's best one-liners.

After a (very long) break, the gang of The Big Bang Theory is back on our TV screens!

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Last night, we laughed as Sheldon tried to figure out why a certain song was stuck in his head. And when he finally figured it out, we saw a side to Sheldon we’ve never seen before. #InloveSheldon.

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Now Sheldon most definitely says the strangest, interesting and sometimes the coolest things on the show and as much as we love his “Penny, Penny, Penny”, knock, we found five of our favourite "Sheldon says" from last night, that had us in stitches!

“… but here I am, in the middle of the night, struggling to keep my mind sharp and my pyjamas dry.”

“I suppose I should pee while I still know what a toilet is.”

“Dear Crazy Future Sheldon, you were driven mad by an earworm.”

“Oh thank goodness, I’m not crazy! I don’t have to take a pigeon as my bride.”

“She’s like the dryer sheets of my heart.”

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