A Getty image of King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Mzansi Magic Music is celebrating the King of Pop Michael Jackson on the sixth anniversary of his death.

Mzansi Magic Music (DStv channel 321) is celebrating the King of Pop with the best of his music videos at 19:00 on Thursday, 25 June, the sixth anniversary of his death.

We think that this is the perfect time for us to share our Michael Jackson playlist.

10. Heal the World
Our playlist starts with a song for all, a song for generations. Michael had everyone coming together and holding hands as we prayed and sung together for a better world. And although this dream has not yet come true, for all parts of the globe, we continue to believe and sing, Heal the world, make it a better place… 

9. Scream
This collaboration between Michael and his baby sister, Janet Jackson, took a while to grow on us. And then we saw the music video. Mind. Blown! The sound is a bit aggressive, but when being stalked by the paparazzi becomes your life, we guess there’s nothing else to do but Scream, when they don’t listen to Oh brother please have mercy 'Cause I just can't take it.

8. You are Not Alone
With the release of the music video for this song, we saw a different side to Michael – happy and in love, yet vulnerable. It’s this vulnerability that comes through in his voice, in a very simple song with comforting words. 

7. Black and White
It took us a while to get the rap performance down to a tee, but now we nail it every time. With its dance beat, Black and White is the first MJ song we were introduced to. It’s a classic and also the perfect time to show off our air guitar skills.

6. Beat It
The opening sound doesn’t give away what a dance song Beat It really is. In the music video, we can see how heavily choreographed the dance moves are, dance moves we still can’t get. But hey, at least we’ve got the clicking of our fingers down to the beat.

5. Billie Jean
Even after years of discussion over the identity of Billie Jean, we continue to rock to this punk-rock song. It’s a great beat and we don’t have to put a lot of effort into our dance moves. We can just bob our heads and tap our feet.

4. Man in the Mirror
What a beautiful song; listening to it always leads to introspection. And then there’s the music video, with pictures of issues that the world was facing at the time. This song always makes us believe that even a small effort from ourselves can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

3. The Way You Make Me Feel
With its up-tempo beat and easy lyrics, this song just makes us wanna fall in love all over again! Easy, carefree, young love.

2. Thriller
From the best-selling album of all time, Thriller is beyond amazing! When the song starts, we still get the chills with the creaking door and howling - and to think the song was released more than 30 years ago. 

1. You Rock My World
What a happy, romantic and fun song! We’d love to know who made Michael feel this way - it even changed his walk. What we do know is that Michael’s music, whether on this playlist or not, continues to rock our musical world.

So get into the groove and feel the beat with the Best of Michael Jackson on Thursday, 25 June at 19:00 only on Mzansi Magic Music (DStv channel 321).