Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope poses on a flight of stairs.

Olivia Pope is back to handle more cases in Washington DC and you get to come along for all the nerve-wrecking moments. Is your popcorn and glass of red wine ready?

The Fixer returns to M-Net (101), Express From the US on Saturday 13 February at 03:00 – and it will be available on DStv Catch Up on your DStv Explora after the airing.

You can also watch the drama on Mondays at 20:30, only on M-Net.

And if you don’t remember where Shonda’s best left off, the last time we visited Washington DC, there was so much drama! Olivia found herself in the middle of a political storm when everyone found out about her relationship with US President Fitzgerald Grant.

With his divorce from Mellie official, Olivia became the unofficial First Lady – moving into the White House and even selecting china patterns for presidential dinners.

But even this didn’t deter some senators against wanting Fitz impeached.

Thinking of a quick solution, there was a proposal of sorts and soon a grand wedding was being planned. But we were very happy when Olivia decided not to go through with her I Do’s. Maybe it’s because we’re still secretly hoping Liv will end up with Jake.

But Jake is busy with a plan of his own – joining forces with Huck and trying to bring Command down. But whatever it is they have planned, doesn’t go accordingly.

And then BANG! We learnt that Jake has an ex-wife, Elise. She decides to help Jake as he tries to stop the plans by Lazarus One, but she doesn’t stick around for long as her life is tragically cut short. 

Jake doesn’t mourn for long as he ends up on Command’s doorstep, thinking we should be more afraid of Lazarus One than Papa Pope. Are they going to work together again?

Meanwhile, Mellie started working with Cyrus as she kicked off her political campaign. She is determined to become the first female president of the US and she has the support of an unsuspecting ally: Olivia Pope.

Back in the White House, Fitz realises he needs Cyrus’ help, but even this comes with conditions. Soon Fitz kicks Elizabeth to the curb, and Cyrus is back where he wants to be: Chief of Staff.

Now that you’re all filled in on The Fixer, make sure to join us as season five returns to DStv. Watch The Fixer on Saturdays at 03:00 Express From the US and on Monday evenings at 20:30, only on M-Net (101).