Artwork for the Zambezi Magic series Njila - The Phase

On Friday 5 February, Zambezi Magic will bring a brand new and original series, Njila – The Phase.

The story centers on a brother and sister who not only have to come to terms with their father's death but also the realisation that their uncle, Tom, has taken control of all their possessions.

Leaving their mansion behind and living in a one-bedroom house, Jane and Gomezyani face the biggest challenge of their lives and you can watch themo channel 160 from Friday at 20:30.

To prepare you for this new drama series, here’s the 411 on the characters that bring the story of Njila – The Phase to life.

To his sister he is Gome but to his friends he is Gomez. As he goes through his journey to overcome grief, Gomezyani lacks self-confidence and initiative, and is easily controlled.

Like any young woman, Jane worries about finding her soul mate and also worries about her brother. Worried about the direction that her and Gomezyani's lives are going, she is also dealing with trauma from her childhood.

Uncle Tom
He is the loving and caring uncle until Jane and Gomezyani's father passes on. He then takes control of their money and doesn't keep his promise of making sure they get an education and are feed.

We know Uncle Tom is bad, but maybe not as bad as Drecas, who is feared by all.

Make a date with Zambezi Magic (160) from Friday 5 February at 20:30 for the premiere of Njila – The Phase