Russian Revolution

For our DStv customers, there are 13 new shows to watch this week. Tune in and enjoy new movies and series, cartoons for the kids and informative documentaries.

Some people are famous for their talents or achievements and some are infamous for their wicked ways. Don’t miss Murder Made Me Famous season three to delve deeper into scary minds and scarier cases.  The series premieres on Saturday, 23 June at 20:20 on CBS Reality.

A group of guys who love to cheat on their wives find themselves in deep trouble when the women unite to take them down in Table OF Men, on Saturday, 23 June at 20:00 on Africa Magic Showcase.

If the football in Russia has led to your heart being captured by the Soviet nation, or you’ve just always been a fan of vodka and cold weather, learn more about their history and what makes them tick in The Russian Revolution on Sunday, 24 June at 19:20 on HISTORY Channel.

Swift, Penny, Rod, and Brody do all they can to earn their wings at the Top Wing Academy, excited to become the world’s best rescue birds. Don’t miss the first season from Sunday, 24 June at 20:00 on Nick Jr. 

Sabina, The Royal Bride is a beautiful woman who possesses many amazing gifts and can perform miracles. But what appears to be good reveals itself quickly to be evil. Watch it on Monday, 25 June at 20:30 on Africa Magic Epic.

Your favourite superhero family is back with new episodes on Nickelodeon. Catch The Thudermans from Monday, 25 June at 17:05.

Don’t miss a second of all the fun and excitement with the 2018 BET Awards Pre-Show on Tuesday, 26 June at 18:00 on BET.

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Scott McGillivray and a rather large family search for a bigger home for their growing brood and you can join them for every minute with season one of Moving The McGillivrays. Watch the series from Tuesday, 26 June at 20:00 on The Home Channel, 26 June.

Arriving in handcuffs and processed as a prisoner, Ross Kemp spends ten days inside HMP Barlinnie in Glasgow, one of the oldest and toughest prisons in the world. Be part of his journey in Ross Kemp Behind Bars from Wednesday, 27 June at 21:00 on BBC Brit.

A tyrant king goes around committing atrocities and the gods send him a girl in response in Mmasi, The Blind Girl. Watch the movie on Wednesday, 27 June at 20:30 on Africa Magic Epic.

Sometimes a small crime scene is just the tip of a dangerous iceberg, see more on Pandora's Box: Unleashing Evil season one, on Thursday, 28 June at 21:00 on Discovery iDX.

Catch some of mother nature’s biggest shows on season two of Weather Gone Viral from Thursday, 28 June at 18:30 on Discovery Family.

Incredible weight loss stories often come with more struggles after the weight is gone. Just watch season three of My Extreme Excess Skin on Friday, 29 June at 22:00 on TLC.