Artwork for the new Zambezi Magic series My Story, focusing on Satwant Singh

Staying true to the channel’s pay offline, Sharing Our Stories, Zambezi Magic is bringing stories of the most interesting personalities across Southern Africa by introducing a brand new series called My Story.

My Story premieres on Zambezi Magic (160) on Wednesday 4 May at 18:00.

My Story is an upbeat, personal journey into the intimate lives of some of our well known celebrities. Viewers will be taken on a touching journey from their formative years through trials and tribulations and to the present day. While at times deeply emotional and with a strong personal narrative, the show will be conversational and light.

Behind the fame and fortune of Southern African celebrities’ lives, lies the hardship, the heartache as well as the moments of joy and triumph that most people will never have known about or have access to. To kick off the series, Season 1 of My Story takes an intimate look into the lives of Zambia’s prominent personalities from diverse backgrounds such as politics, law, sports, business and entertainment. It will air every Wednesday at 18:00 with repeats on Saturday 17:00 on Zambezi Magic.

"We are really excited to finally provide a series that enables a diverse range of personalities to share their inspirational stories across Southern Africa.  We have so much to learn and share with each other. The first season will focus on Zambia, but the series will eventually move throughout the region because we want everyone to share their stories," said Addiel Dzinoreva Head of Zambezi Magic.

Dzinoreva adds: "With the first season of My Story, we want to give the inside story of the well-known and celebrated Zambian personalities to the viewers. Most of the time, we only know what these people do, but the show takes you into their life literally; that is what we want our viewers to know."

Season 1 features well-known Zambians from diverse backgrounds such as Christopher Katongo, Mampi and Justice Lombe Chibesakunda. The first episode features the amazing story of legendary rally car driver who has won races across the entire SADC region and beyond, Satwant Singh. The series was produced by Media365 and directed by Fred Phiri.

Dzinoreva said the channel will continue providing local content to viewers in the region tending to both specific and broader needs of the audience.

"We want to bring shows that can also cut across physical and cultural boundaries and My Story is perfect," he added.