Jocelyn Woodbryg, Alice Kett and Verity Bridges

Set in the 17th century, Jamestown, filmed in Budapest is a promise of a new life for three women who leave their lives in England to be betrothed to men they have never met before. Don't miss Jamestown starting on Thursday 10 August at 22:30 on M-Net. 

Meet Jocelyn Woodbryg, Alice Kett and Verity Bridges who travel to the “New World” not knowing what awaits them, as they are women brought to the coast of Virginia as property of their husbands who have paid for their passage. 


These young women are set to have their fates tested and it doesn’t help that the men in this town have been without women for a couple of years. Almost 12 to be exact! 

Follow their journey as they try to figure out life and how they handle being in these arranged marriages. 

Noami Battrick, born 1991, as Jocelyn Woodbryg
She's been on shows including My Almost Family, Doctors, Crossing Lines. Jocelyn is out for power unbeknown to her husband Samuel. She also has a dark secret.



Sophie Rundle, born 1988, as Alice 
Appeared in series Dickensian, not Safe For Work, Happy Valley, Brief Encounters, Peaky Blinders. Alice is an original farm girl who is promised to Henry, a brutish man of few words.

Sophi Rundle on Jamestown

Niamh Walsh, born 1988, as Verity 
Has been in the series Holby City, Jekyll & Hyde amongst others. Verity is a fiery red-head who is having trouble with her husband Meredith Rutter.