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WWE Superstars Adam “Edge” Copeland and C.J. “Lana” Perry play a deadly mind game with a terrorist mastermind in this action thriller. The pair race against time to uncover the villain's plan and save the endangered city.\
Starring: Adam Copeland, C.J. Perry, Julia Benson and Stephen Reynolds

Interrogation is currently availble to rent on BoxOffice.



Monster Trucks
Trucks and monsters come together to create a non-stop action adventure. A teenager forms a bond with a creature that’s being hunted by an evil oil company. It attaches itself to his truck and the two go on the run.
Starring: Chris Wedge, Jane Levy, Lucas Till and Thomas Lennon
Monster Trucks is currently available to rent on BoxOffice.
Frank & Lola
Two people play a very dangerous game with each other’s hearts in this  love story. A couple’s relationship runs a gauntlet of emotion after an act of infidelity creates a paranoid nightmare.
Starring: Imogen Poots, Matthew Ross and Michael Nyqvist,
Frank & Lola is currently avilable to rent on BoxOffice. 
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