Meredith Grey close up

One of our favourite Shonda Rhimes' productions Grey's Anatomy returns to M-Net Express From the US on Saturday 13 February at 2:00 on M-Net (101).

Remember that you can watch it on DStv Catch Up on your DStv Explora after the M-Net airing, or in its primetime slot on Mondays at 19:30 on M-Net.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial, so we thought we’d bring you up to speed on what happened in the first half of the 12th season.

The season started with us having to come to terms with the fact that McDreamy is no longer part of the show and Meredith had to get used to being a single mom to three children.

Meredith also relied on her sister, Maggie, and sister-in-law, Amelia – the three of them even moved back into Meredith’s childhood home. But things didn’t always going smoothly for the doctors and one of the scenes when the wheels came off was the dinner party where they were all too busy to buy or cook dinner.

It was at this dinner party where Callie introduced her friends and colleagues to her new girlfriend, Penny. But Penny and Meredith had already met on the night of Derrick’s untimely death. Penny was one of the on-call nurses when Derrick was brought into the emergency room where proper procedure wasn’t followed.

Things became even more awkward when Bailey announced that Penny was joining Grey Sloan Memorial as one of the new resident doctors.

Meanwhile, April was still fighting for her marriage while Jackson had pretty much given up on a happily ever after. He even moved in with Bailey and Ben for a little while to get away from April.

Through all of the chaos of their personal lives, the doctors continued to impress with challenging surgeries. 

Jo was just about ready to give up on her relationship with Alex when she found him on his knees, proposing marriage. Will they have a happily ever after?

Meanwhile, Owen’s past came back to haunt him. Back in his depressive and dark mood, he unwillingly confided in Meredith, which upset Amelia. This caused a big fight between them, with Meredith kicking Amelia out of the house.

What had Owen in a terrible mood? Bailey employed Dr Nathan Riggs, who is somehow connected to Owen’s sister, a sister we didn’t know of.

Maggie was also upset about Nathan’s employment as it infringes on her career path.

Will Dr Nathan Riggs pack his bags and disappear into the sunset? Will Avery and April split up? Can Meredith and Amelia make peace?

We’re hoping for a few answers with the return of Grey’s Anatomy S12 on Saturdays at 2:00 on M-Net, Express From the US, and then again on Mondays at 19:30, also on DStv channel 101.