Poster for "The Promise"

The drama, romance and action continues in your favourite soapies on Zee World this week.

Here's what you can enjoy:

Brijesh and Tara return Nikita. Nishi starts getting suspicious of Nirav. Nishi reveals to Nirav that Saloni has lost her memory. Kuki Kaki finds out that her ex-husband has remarried. Nahar saves Saloni from being attacked. Urvashi insults Vrinda. Nirav and Nahar have a confrontation. Kaveri gets informed that Urvashi is back. Neel finds Saloni on the street. Nirav takes it upon himself to take care of Saloni.


Yuvraj sees Akaash and Payal together and confronts Gauri. Jhanvi tries to convince Sumaan to let Bhavna go to the dance. Saraswati makes an unexpected announcement. Kajari is stirring up trouble in the Garodia house even from prison. Jhanvi thinks she is in trouble with her father in law once again. Gauri makes a heart-breaking decision. Just as peace is returning into the Garodia family, an unexpected face returns. Pavitra uses Naman as her pawn to get what she wants. Jhanvi continues uncovering mysteries about her father-in-law. 


Sacred Ties
Manjusha ambushes Varsha in the kitchen. Dayaram tries to convince Manav to fight for Archana and prove his innocence. Sunanda tells her family that the bond once shared between Manav's family and them is now broken. Shankar traps Ajit by recording him in secret. The celebrations continue at Archana's house meanwhile the cruelty goes on on Manav's side. Sunanda makes an announcement of Archana’s engaged. Archana reads that Manav and his family are in jail. 


The Promise
Meera drugs Jai and her plan fail. Meera puts together a plan that might guarantee Pronita's death. Vicky’s anger leads him to break all ties with Meera. The Walias get a taste of happiness. Krishna is shocked to find out shocking information about her employers. Meera uses Ganga's difficult moment as a weapon against Pronita. Krishna finds out that the people she has taken as friends are destroying Vydia’s life. 


Married Again
Yash finds information that proves Akash’s real relation to him. Suraj decides to solve this problem with money. The Sindhia family decides to welcome Akash to their home. This proves to be a wrong decision. Akash does not fit with the family’s behavior and morals. Gayatri has abandoned her concern for Yash. The situation in the Sindhia house seems to have created a rift between Gayatri and Suraj Pratab. Yash and Akash’s fight leads to Gayatri being hospitalised.