Art, Fashion & Design

Do you want to learn the techniques behind the world of art and design? Ever wondered what is the process behind constructing sculptures, creating paintings, and capturing your emotions through photography? Join talented and creative artists in showcasing their amazing work at exhibitions around the world as Fashion One, the premier global fashion, entertainment and lifestyle broadcaster, explores the world of Art, Fashion and Design from every perspective in the second season. Enter the world of self-expression and be prepared to be inspired!

Art, Fashion and Design is a two-episode special feature that displays incredible works from talented artist from New York, Hong Kong and other parts of the world. From sculptures to photography, learn what inspires artists and designers and be inspired by the dedication they have to their crafts. Meet talented artists such as Larry Kagan, Chow Yun Fai and others from all different disciplines. This series is more than a show; it is a way of living!

Art, Fashion & Design Season 2 premieres Monday 16 May and 30 May at 23:00 (CAT) for episode 1 and 2 respectively, exclusively on Fashion One