The stars of the reality show Malika Haqq and Khadijah Haqq McCray of DASH Dolls

E! Entertainment Television bats its lashes with the debut of DASH Dolls premiering on 25 October at 20:00. With stores in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, DASH is the where high-end fashion meets Kardashian glamour.  

The eight episode, one-hour series follows the young women who work in Melrose’s hottest boutique as they navigate the pressures of their careers, and the high standards of three of the world’s most recognisable sisters and businesswomen. Co-managers and twins Malika and Khadijah must run a tight ship and keep the drama at bay since Kim, Khloé and Kourtney can stop by at a drop of a floppy hat.  

Nonetheless, when the bosses are away, the girls will play, and the Doll House is the headquarters of their Hollywood playground. From boyfriends and frenemies to stilettos and piled-high dishes, the house sets the backdrop where the girls let their hair down and blow off steam. From a girl grappling with the expectations of her conservative parents, to a commitment fearing “it” girl whose recent boyfriend shows his love with expensive gifts, there’s never a dull moment off-the-clock. 

From breakups to makeups, shakeups and shakedowns, the Dolls always manage to keep it under “Kontrol” when DASH Dolls premieres on 25 October at 20:00 only on E!

Meet the Dolls:

Malika Haqq  
Khloé Kardashian’s best friend, and one-half of the twin Haqq sisters, Malika’s position in upper management keeps the girls in check and at the top of their game. Although she can be rigid with her staff, she puts just as much pressure on herself as she tries to revamp her career as an actress and finally find a special man deserving of her love.  

Khadijah Haqq McCray 
Khadijah is co-manager who has seen and heard it all. Wife and mother to three children of her own, she is often the sounding board to her team in the workplace. On a mission to revive her acting career alongside her sister twin, Mika, she’s at a crossroads and must decide between the basking in the limelight, or meeting the demands of her busy family.  

Durrani Aisha Popal
Merchandising manager Durrani is a longtime employee who considers herself the ultimate DASH Doll. Her thoughts and actions often go unfiltered and as a result, she finds herself in conflict with many of her co-workers. On the constant search for Mr. Right, she has kissed many frogs but may have found her prince.

Stephanie De Souza
The youngest of the bunch, Stephanie is a dedicated sales associate who wants to get ahead but has a lot to prove. She’s sometimes gullible, and her bad-boy boyfriend often tests the limits of her love and devotion.

Caroline Burt
Sales associate Caroline moonlights as a DJ and can often find herself on the flip side of drama. Her old-school upbringing has bought out the wild-child in her and she is currently dating a budding rock star.
Taylor Cuqua 
Part of sales support, Taylor is a party girl who lives life without boundaries. Although she tries spreading positive vibes at work and home, she quickly learns that living in a house full of girls can be more work than play.
Melody “Mel” Rae Kandil 
Melody is a sales representative by day, but modelling is her true passion. She considers herself the “mother hen” of the troupe, but can overstep her boundaries in order to maintain the peace. Wanting to further her career, she often straddles the fence between giving into the pressures of the industry or living up to her strong moral code.

Mehrnaz “Nazy” Farnoosh 
Nazy is assistant manager and Durrani’s best friend. The two make a dynamic duo and can inadvertently give off “mean girl” vibes.

Jennifer Robi
Store manager Jennifer prefers the hands-off approach when dealing with the Dolls and often tells them to “figure it out.” Newly engaged, she’s blissfully planning her wedding and making all the girls re-think the state of their relationships.  

Alexisamor “Lexi” Ramirez
As DASH’s sales coordinator, Lexi is one of the “OG” members of the crew. She currently has her own successful jewellery line and is using her position at the store as a stepping stone until her business takes off. 

Melissa “Missy” Flores 
Media and Marketing maven Missy is the one-stop shop for all things online.

Don’t miss a thing when DASH Dolls premieres on 25 October at 20:00 only on E!