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We have a look at the movie The Boxtrolls, here's our review.

Stop-motion animation lends itself very nicely to making very creepy things come to life on screen. Think about it: Coraline, The Nightmare Before Chritmas, Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, ParaNorman - all creepy, but also extremely entertaining.

The Boxtrolls is just that - utterly entertaining but at times - incredibly creepy.

With that said, it still probably ranks in my top three stop-motion movies of all time, alongside Frankenweenie and The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s so very well put together and meticulously animated that, at times, I found myself completely forgetting that this was an animated film.

The addition of fantastic voice talent in the form of Ben Kingsley (who masterfully voices the antagonist Archibold Snatcher), Jarred Harris (who voices Sir. Portly Rind), Richard Ayoade (Mr. Pickles) and a laundry list as long as my arm of people who individually gave emotion and life to the grunts and gargles that make up the Boxtroll language, gives this movie such charm.

(That is, if you can look past Elle Fanning’s very strained attempt to sound British).

Without being too spoiler-y, the story is about a less-than-savoury member of society (Snatcher) who has huge ambitions to join the political elite of old-world England; to eat exotic cheese and hob knob with the who’s who of “Cheesebridge”.

The key to rising the social ladder?  Snatcher promises to rid Cheesebridge of an underground menace - the Boxtrolls, who snatch children, steal anything that’s not nailed down and are a massive threat to the security of the people of this dark little town.

But when a long-lost child – thought to have been kidnapped by the Boxtrolls years before – re-appears in Cheesebridge, everything the people of this town think they know about these little creatures is flipped on its head, which doesn’t sit well with Snatcher and chaos ensues.

The Boxtrolls has its moments. It’s dark and creepy in places, it’s light and humourous in others, it’s heartwarming and filled with emotion from beginning to end. It has a PG rating so I let my four-year-old watch it this weekend and he was entertained for the most part, but truth be told it’s a little scary in places for kids that young – maybe six or seven might be a better age.

Bottom line, it’s box full of fun (see what I did there?) for the young at heart, and for younger viewers it’s quite a spectacle to behold. It’s packed with gags, action and emotion and so beautifully animated that you simply have to experience this movie at least once to appreciate the detail.

Rent it, watch it, enjoy it. I know you will.