An image of the cast of A Passion For Revenge.

Telenovelas are known for their flair, romance, intricate story line and over-the-top drama and that's why we love them.

The new additions to the telenovela line-up are no different so don’t miss out on these exciting titles starting this month:


A Passion for Revenge 

Ignacio has a love affair with Alma. His wife, Cayetana, finds out about it and is furious.


Watch the trailer:


Then comes the spanner in the works when Alma turns up dead and her brothers - Arturo, Samuel and Flavio - set out to avenge her.

However, it's not all black and white as they find out that their main suspect, Ignacio, has also died. Shifting focus to Ignacio's widow, the brothers get seduced by Cayetana's sisters. It all unravels when their motive is revealed and a war between the families unfolds in a dramatic turn of events.


Don't miss A Passion for Revenge starting on Monday 22 February at 18:00 on Telemundo.

Under the same sky


Under the Same Sky

This is the story of Carlos and Adela, two disparate souls whose fates cross in the vertiginous streets of Los Angeles.

Adela appears in Carlos’ life with the force of a crashing tidal wave under the most adverse circumstances for both of them. He is immersed in his efforts to get ahead, to care for his youngest son, and to get his eldest son back from a gang while she is being pursued by the members of the gang she wants to cut off ties with, as they have orders to kill her.

They try to build a love life together but the path is riddled with thorns. However, they are determined to make it work because as Carlos says: “Everyone in this world is going to find their way under the same sky.”

Watch Under the Same Sky, starting on Monday 8 February at 17:10 on Telemundo. 


Sacred Ties 
The story ahead is a journey of forgiveness and love, of two people trying to find their way to each other amid the lies and deception and to emerge as one.

Sacred Ties is the story of Archana, who is not highly-educated but handles the entire house work impeccably, and Manav, a garage owner who gets besotted with Archana at first sight. 
Thanks to destiny and circumstances, his marriage proposal reaches Archana but to be accepted, he has to lie about his credentials.

The marriage takes place but the moment Archana finds out about the lie, she refuses to go with Manav. See Sacred Ties weekdays at 20:00 on Zee World. 


And in Zee World's ongoing telenovelas this week: 

In The Promise. This month, Meera's conflict with Jai is affecting the family. Pronita is playing games on Meera while Ganaga is accused of a crime. See The Promise weekdays at 21:00.

This month in Destiny, Jhanvi's curiosity gets the better of her and she follows her father-in-law to see where he goes at night. Rasik continues to make trouble and is spotted by Saraswati. Akaash continues to humiliate Gauri when he is with Pia. See Destiny weekdays at 19:00. 


A young man falls in love with the girl of his dreams but his domineering father and manipulative step mother threaten to ruin it all. Watch the drama unfold as Saras prepares to fight for his independence.
See Saras weekdays at 18:30 on Glow TV. 


Wait for Me
Rosa Maria Restrepo (Monica Gomez) and Alex Montoya (Sebastian Martinez) are a young couple living on a coffee farm. Unfortunately, the farm goes bankrupt and the whole family find themselves migrating to Bogota. Not only does Bogota give the family a new home, but the city gives the family a bigger set of problems they could have ever asked for.
Catch Wait for Me, weekdays 16:00 on Eva.