Singer and actress Brandy Norwood on the red carpet

We first fell in love with Brandy when she starred in the comedy series Moesha and we’re so excited that she’ll be back on our TV screens.

From Wednesday 27 January, tune in to BET (129) at 21:05 to see Brandy as you’ve never seen her before, in Zoe Ever After.

Set in New York, Zoe Ever After tells the story of Zoe Moon who is balancing motherhood and dating while making her dream of being an entrepreneur come true.

Other Zoe Ever After cast members include Dorian Missick (as Zoe's ex-husband, Gemini), Ignacio Serricchio (as Miguel), Tory Devon Smith (as Valente, Zoe's friend) and Jaylon Gordon (as Zoe and Gemini's son, Xavier).

Before tuning in for Zoe Ever After, here’s a list of things you may not about the singer and actress.

1. When Brandy starred in the TV movie Cinderella, she became the first African-American actress to play this Disney princess in a TV movie. In the classic tale, Brandy starred opposite Whitney Houston, who played her Fairy Godmother.

2. As a teenager, Brandy became very good friends with now NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant. Kobe even asked the teen to be his date at his high school prom.

3. Brandy met Michael Jackson while starring on the hit sitcom Moesha (Tuesdays at 17:00 on VUZU (116)). The King of Pop even provides back-up vocals to her song It's Not Worth It from her Full Moon album.  

4. In 2015, Brandy made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago. Originally contracted for six weeks, the play was a hit and Brandy’s acting and singing was such a success that they extended her run on the hit show.

5. Together with her younger brother, Ray J, and her parents, Brandy started the Norwood Kids Foundation. Their focus is on children and their passion for the performing arts.

6. Did you know Brandy is related to rapper Snoop Dogg? The musical stars are first cousins who even collaborated on her song Special.

Now that you know more about Brandy, be sure to tune in to BET (129) on Wednesday at 21:05 and see her as Zoe Moon in Zoe Ever After.